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hello, fellow subjects

ahh!! to all the Puno lovers *cough, cough*. lol!! ahh, i have news for you!!! my mom met up with the one and only Senora Puno. so she found out that after she was fired *yes its official*, she tried to apply to another job, but Mr. Cuomo put an official complain in her resume *which is forever in her permenent records in the county office*, so no one has hired her, even in other counties. so we have saved hundreds of students from this evil!! we should applaud ourselves greately. lol. well, she has decided to quit trying and go into early retirement, but early retirement is not payed for by the government, yet regular retirement is if you work for the government *yes, school is part of the government*. well, thats all the news i got. anyone have Felipe's new phone number? or any news from him? *sigh*...
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yes ultimate success!!!!!! ha ha ha!!!! i love mr cuomo for that. he saved kids everywhere. how did your mom meet up w/ puno?
the one and only wally-world *wal-mart for the slow ppls*
lol thats what my mom calls it! lol
i love wally-world!!
*begins an uncontrollable song and dance over the defeat of madam p!* oh man thats cool!!!! i kinda feel bad *gets smacked in the head by all CAP memebers* i feel better now! ^^ wooohhoooo!